Mahalasoft is all about stress free software. Mahala is a word that means free in Nguni languages, at Mahalasoft this word is used to infer stress free software created using the Open Source Content Management Systems (OSCM) Development Methodology that was developed as part of PhD research project. The methodology enables organisations to implement web based systems that meet their specific needs without some of the pitfalls and related stress associated with creating custom software.

Not only does Mahalasoft provide web based system development, we also provide web hosting on the cloud thus giving clients a one stop shop for all their web based application needs.

Another focus area for Mahalasoft is data. When you think about it data is everywhere! All companies big and small keep data in one form or other. The data may be a list of customers, products, orders, students, software licenses, computers or a list of chairs and assets such as vehicles.

Mahalasoft provides data management services including cleaning, analysis, visualisation and merging of data sets. Just hand us your data and we will hand it back to you in the format you require.